You’re just a few more steps away from potentially winning your business an IT transformation kit. Please answer the following questions to help us better understand your challenges and how you intend to optimize your work environment. The more elaborate your answers, the higher your chances of winning.




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A) What are your top IT pain points today when it comes to your existing PC and Print infrastructure?

B) Share with us how your company has been tackling the issue(s) selected above (in 50-100 words).




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A) To determine the best mix of technology to support your workforce, you need to first know the various work styles of your workforce. Who are you mainly looking to empower?

B) Tell us how you think technology can help empower your workforce or change your work environment today, in relation to your PCs and printers.




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In relation to the IT pain points you have mentioned, share how you think HP modern PCs and Printers can best transform the way you work and support your growth. (in 300 words or less)

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